Cuvées Insolites

These wines, a Simonis exclusivity, are intended to stand out from the crowd. They are fabricated by employing grapes in unusual ways or by innovative blending.

Our Lune Rousse, Caprice de Sylvaner and Muscat Grains de Folie are made from grapes that are normally vinified into dry wine. But for these special sweeter wines the grapes are harvested very late in the season. Their high sugar content adds power to the natural character of the wine.

Alter Ego

Four different Pinots are assembled at harvesting, then aged in oak casks for 18 month. Powerful and acidulous in the mouth, with a hint of spices and coconut. A delightful aperitif.


Lune Rousse

A splendid amber colour and a flavour of small red fruits surprising in a sweet wine. A delicious aperitif, or with foie gras or chocolate or red-fruit desserts.

/2016/ Blanc de Noir

Caprice de Sylvaner

An acidulous flavour of citrus fruits and rhubarb, its roundness is balanced by the characteristic freshness of a Sylvaner. A wine to surprise your guests. Perfect as an aperitif or to complement tangy desserts.


Muscat Grains de Folie

This sweet wine derived from Amours de la Pourriture and Muscat, is fresh and fruity yet mellow. For sipping only, as an aperitif or to accompany desserts.